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If you spoke to Broncos fans , they were bent on the idea their team was a top passer Madden 23 coins away from a championship. And they were adamant that their Super Bowl odds at DraftKings Sportsbook changed in the wake of the trade. Following Super Bowl 56. the Broncos were +800 to win Super Bowl 57. After the trade, they are now +1200.

But I'm not sure. It's not that I don't believe it. Wilson absolutely makes Denver better and could quickly push them into playoffs. But when it comes down to actually winning the entire thing this is a lot more difficult to project. This makes trading for the 33-year old quarterback a much more risky prospect than it would initially seem. In my eyes that's why you could say that the Broncos are further away from a title than any of the Buccaneers and Rams were when they came up with their "all-in" decisions.

3 reasons the Broncos can make the Super Bowl with Russell WilsonExtremely strong receiving corps in Cortland Sutton, Tim Patrick and Jerry JeudyTop 10 pass defense to limit opposing quarterbacksExcellent running game with Javonte Williams and Melvin Gordon (assuming he's re-signed)

The major reasons behind Wilson are that he inherits one of the best groups of receivers in the Madden NFL 23 that doesn't get talked about enough. Sutton and Patrick are bound to become 1.000 yard plus guys While Jeudy will have more opportunities as well.

It's more than likely that Gordon will go due to cap issues (which we're going to touch on in the near future), but Javonte Williams had a stunning debut campaign with the Broncos where he amassed over 1.200 total yards and seven touchdowns. This is an exceptionally talented group of talented position players for Wilson to work with and he's got the potential to get the most value from these players.

The latest version of Madden NFL 23 is all about passing, and stopping the pass. Denver is home to one of the top secondaries in the league. They have a lock down on that side of the ball. This, in conjunction with Wilson gives the Broncos the chance to get noticed and that's a fact. It could be the case.

Three reasons the Broncos can't make it to the Super Bowl with Russell WilsonPoor offensive lineSubpar buy madden nfl 23 coins pass rushNew, unproven coaching staff

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